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You are what you eat!

Here at No Nose Frenchies, we strive to provide the best quality companions for our buyers and in order to keep them healthy, we provide them with the best quality food. We feed our dogs Life's Abundance Dog food. Life's Abundance is manufactured right here in the USA in small batches and has some of the most strict quality control of any dog food. It was designed by a holistic vet and has never had a recall in almost twenty years of being in business. You can purchase directly from my link: 

Just a little FYI:


All breeding dogs are thoroughly examined by my vet to make sure they are completely healthy before being bred.  They are x-rayed to make sure they are free from major spinal deformities, hip dysplasia, and knee problems.


I understand that this is huge commitment that you are undertaking and I appreciate you choosing me to purchase your new family member. I want to give my puppies the best possible start in life and I try to provide the best possible care to ensure this.


Every puppy I sell goes to their new home with a valid health certificate, wormings and vaccinations up to date, and food to help adjust to their new diet. It is your responsibility as the buyer to take your new puppy to the vet within 72 hours of purchase for a health exam. No vaccinations should be given at this time. My vet DOES NOT vaccinate against leptosporosis or bordatella because it can be detrimental to your puppy's health at such a young age. You can vaccinate your puppy for these at an older age of at least 4 months if you choose to do so.


Should the Examination disclose any congenital/genetic life threatening defect, the Buyer shall have three (3) additional business days to return the puppy to the Seller. Seller shall provide Buyer with a replacement puppy of the Buyers choice of at least equal value and equal quality. Such return from buyer must be conducted within three (3) business days after the veterinary examination as stated above, and must be accompanied by a signed statement from said veterinarian summarizing the Examination and detailing any life threatening: defects, diseases, or genetic or congenital defects. Buyer agrees to notify Seller in case of any such medical issue. If such hereditary condition is life threatening the dog will be replaced with a dog similar quality. Allergies, cherry eye, demodex, mild luxating patella, mild hemi vertebrae, other issues which are not life threatening in nature and/or common to bulldogs and/or will not be detrmimental to the dog's over all well being ARE NOT included in this warranty. If there are no other puppies available at the time, the breeder will let the buyer pick a puppy from the next available litter.


I strive to provide healthy and happy companions and this is why I cover my puppies for a full three years. Even with the best breeding and health testing of parents, on occasion problems do pop up now and then. Seller health guarantee warrants that your Frenchie is free of congenital/genetic defects of a life threatening nature for  THREE  years from the date of purchase.


Puppies must be placed with new families by 12 weeks of age. If you do not make written arrangements with the seller to keep your Frenchie beyond this timeline you forfeit any and all money paid on your Frenchie puppy. NO REFUNDS are given.


It is also your responsiblity to care for this puppy properly which includes taking him or her for regular vet visits and making sure  he or she is fed a diet of premium dog food. It is very important to feed french bulldogs good food to avoid health problems common to the breed such as skin allergies, tear stains, bad breath, gingivits, cherry eye etc.  Preventative care such as regular wormings, heart guard, and flea control is also necessary for the health of your puppy. 


PLEASE do not take your new puppy to dog parks, pet stores, etc. before it has been given at least two rounds of the parvo vaccine. Parvo is highly contagious and can be transmitted anywhere a sick dog with the illness has been within five months. (Take a second to absorb that last sentence.)  If you  do choose  to take your puppy out and about, don't set them  on the ground.


am here as not only the breeder, but a source of life time support and advice for you and your puppy. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me.  I've been around animals my entire life and have vast knowledge on care, training, nutrition, general health issues, common problems, and most anything to do with your french bulldog. So please do not hesitate to call me, I will be happy to hear from you.


Thank you so much!  

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