The Girls

STELLA - Our maskless red girl. I am very proud to say that this girl is my Fourth generation of No Nose Frenchies

FANCY - This sweet girl is our Hungarian import as we always are striving for great quality and I am so glad we made this invaluable purchase 


This is Dixie! She is one of my keepers from Freya's last litter. Dixie is a standard bred red just like her mama and just drips in bone and wrinkles.

Sundae - Sundae is a dark sable pied carries blue and at. What a funny and great personality this girl has.

SCARLET - This girl is one of the sweetest and most mild mannered females I have. She is extra special as she is a daughter of Hemi =)


Shandy - Shandy is our other blue girl. She is full of energy and very sweet and submissive. She loves to play and jump in the pool.

Coqui - This little girl is so special, being sired from our late Stud, Bear from Smokey Valley Kennel. I am very pleased with this girl's development as she has amazing conformation. Coqui is standard cream and about 13 lbs

I would like everyone to meet Skittles! She is our newest and most unique baby here at the compound! She is a blue and tan merle who carries cream and chocolate. Taste the Rainbow <3

Moana - This sweet girl is another Hemi daughter and is just a big ball of sweet love. She is fawn sable and carries blue.

Rosie - Our Reverse lilac female. She carries at and blue. Rosie is very striking! You just don't see very many frenchies with her intense bridling and her eyes are breath taking.

My girls keep my program going and for that I will be forever grateful for helping me achieve my goals of producing healthy, sound dogs that are an asset to our beloved breed. You're probably thinking, "Wow she has a lot of dogs!" But the truth is, most of these beautiful girls live with family and friends so they get all the attention they deserve but help me continue my program. My dogs' quality of life will always be of utmost importance now and in the future. For keeping my girls safe, I am forever grateful to my amazing Guardian homes as well.


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