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We take pride in our boys and do offer them to the public for Stud service (NOT FOR SALE) to select females upon approval.  Our boys are amazing examples of the breed and we will be happy to discuss them with you to help you decide which one would compliment your female the best. Please contact us directly to reserve services as all of them do not live with us in one house but are treasured pets in Guardian homes. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 386-405-7832.
I Spy No Nose Mr. Debonaire
Stats: AKC
Weight: 23 lbs
Color: Blue and tan carries chocolate ( No brindle or pied)
HUU, JHC, DM, CMR1 Clear
Debo is our main guy. if you are looking for a stud that consistently produces smashed faces with lots of rope and correct structure, look no further!
I Spy No Nose Apollo
Stats: AKC
Weight: 22 lbs
Color: lilac and tan carries pied (no brindle)
HUU, JHC, DM, CMR1, C3 Clear
Apollo is still very young and has a lot of developing to do at only a year old, but he is already producing some very nice puppies!
No Nose Frenchies Boomer

Stats: AKC
Weight: 26 lbs 
Color: Red Irish Pied 
CMR1, HUU, JHC clear

Boomer is an in house production of three generations and sired by the ever handsome Lord Voldemort. Boomer consistently produces his big head, bone and laid back personality.