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Apply to be one of our Frenchie Guardians

Some of my shared Guardian pups

Here at No Nose Frenchies we have always wanted only the best for our dogs. Since being a breeder means that I will always have A LOT of dogs around, I started asking my close friends and past buyers if they would like to keep one of my puppies "with strings attached." This situation is best for the dog as they get more one on one attention.


A guardian home is a family that keeps one of my precious frenchie babies throughout their entire life as their beloved family pet, but they come back to me to be bred or whelp puppies. If it is a male, they come back to me when they are needed for their services. When they are finished with their breeding career, they are spayed or neutered and they remain with their Guardian families for the rest of their life.

The Guardian program is a partnership and a friendship between us. Please keep in mind these dogs are very important to me and their best interest is always first priority. Studs are kept active as long as they are healthy and produce healthy babies. Females have a maximum of 3-4 litters and then spayed and then are retired to live out their lives as a spoiled couch potato. If this sounds like something you might be interested in fill out the form below. 


Do you want to be a Guardian?
Complete this form!

Please Answer the following Questions in the boxes Below

Do you understand that french bulldogs are prone to heat exhaustion and cannot be left out for extended periods of time or unattended?
Are your other pets spayed / neutered
Is your yard fenced or do you have a fenced in area?

Please understand that throughout your guardian time in my program you will be required to make multiple trips to and from my home in Port Orange, FL. These trips may be for breeding, health testing or other various reasons. By being a guardian home for my dogs, you understand that you are required to provide transportation to and from my house at times. Is this something you would be willing to do? 

I understand and agree to these terms.

Thank you!

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