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Recovering from a hectic week

Last week was by far the most insane week I probably have ever had. I was at the vet's every day! First on Monday one of my adult girls was bitten by a coral snake. We had to rush her to the vet where they administered emergency steroid injections to try and keep any kind of allergic reaction. My amazing vet flushed her system out and sent us home with her IV and she went through the night with it. She continually got better each day.

Skittles our new blue merle and tan baby started vomiting Tuesday afternoon. Vomit isn't always concerning but when a nine week old puppy is continuing to vomit and then not wanting to eat anything it becomes concerning very quickly. So i monitored my little Skitty bug through the night and she stopped vomiting around 9pm so i thought she was ok. Then she pooped in the bin I kept her in next to the bed around 2 am so I moved her back to the living room with Pearl because I thought she was through what ever it was she was dealing with.

No such luck. It's now Wednesday morning and she is still not feeling well at this point. I call the vet and they tell me to bring her down. So as I am getting her bin ready I pick up the towel she had pooped on at 2 am to shake it out and throw it in the wash and I noticed a small piece of foam (like furniture foam or sponge like material). So I rolled it up and took it with me and off we went. Our vet determined that there was probably more and gave her some anti-nausea meds and he had her swallow barium (White substance that glows on an X-ray and indicates a blockage or obstruction). So we went home and that's when S*** got real....

We got home and she started with putrid diarrhea. I mean this stuff gave me serious anxiety because my first thought was that my new baby that i have had only four days at this point some how contracted the big "P" word in her travels from Texas to Florida. I was freaking out. I have three litters of babies in my house and one due any minute and I was so scared my baby was going to be deathly ill and transfer her cooties to all my other babies.

It was not the P word...

It was explained to me that when objects sit in the stomach, they do a lot of damage and as a result, when what ever comes out, it smells H O R R I B L E. I mean blood curdling, make you want to vomit BAD! My poor baby.

So Skittles had surgery to remove the foam, luckily it had passed though the digestive system with no more in her system. After my vet opened up her stomach, he manually had to open up her pyloric sphincter - the muscle that lets food into your intestines from your stomach because the foam had closed it almost completely off and then he checked all the rest of her other bowels before he closed her back up. It was a few more days before she finally started eating on her own but now, a week later she is almost completely back to normal. Thank you, LORD!

So that was Wednesday and Thursday. After Skittles had her surgery on Thursday, Arya's babies came into the world. and then on Friday I had to take Skittles back for more fluids because she was dehydrated. So glad that week was over!

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