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check out the availabullz for fluffy carrier babies!!!

What the Fluff?!

The Fluffy frenchie revolution is about to hit the french bulldog scene in a major way. Fluffy frenchies are just long haired french bulldogs with a catchy name. YES, they are Full blooded, PURE BRED, 100% FRENCH BULLDOG! Now, with the advancement of DNA testing it has become easier than ever to isolate recessive genes and breed them to produce more fluffies! If you had any doubts, fluffy frenchies have actually been around a LONG time. Check out this picture from the 1930's!

We are now introducing Fluffy Frenchies into our breeding program! We will hopefully be producing our first fluffy frenchies in early 2022. As always, quality is our first priority so we have done lots of research and have only chosen the finest studs to breed with as well as picking puppies from only the best bloodlines to ensure that our fluffy frenchie program meets the same high standards we have for the rest of our dogs! I will be updating this page as time goes on and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. 



I Spy No Nose Sir Fluffernutter aka "FLUFF"

Fluff will be our main stud. He is lilac fawn and FULL fluffy. His sire is the late BAD ACTION. He is fully genetically clear and has a great temperament to boot. His dna is ayatcocoddEel4/l1. 

Fluff is available to approved females for stud service.

Fluff is owned by my self and Jennifer from I Spy Frenchies

I Spy No Nose Eternity's
King Lucius

Lucius is our newest stud that is available now for services. He is the most handsome fluffy french bulldog that is also DNA clear. Lucius is 25 lbs of conformationally correct, flat faced love. His DNA is atatddcocoEel4l4 meaning he is lilac and tan carries cream full fluffy. Send us a message for more info.

 fluffy frenchie fluffy frenchie stud stud service
IMG_8340 (1).jpg

I Spy No Nose Giselle


Gizzy was produced Yessica Caz in Texas. Yessica produces some absolutely amazing babies and Jen and I were so lucky to have scooped her up for our program. She is a blue and tan trindle. 


DNA atat, dd, Coco, Ee, Kn, nn L1

Gizzy is owned by my self and Jennifer from I Spy Frenchies

I Spy No Nose Prince Harry


Harry hails from the United Kingdom and comes from some amazing lines. He was sired by Apollo and his grand sire is the famous Grizzly Bear Jr.

Harry is available for stud services.


DNA atat, dd, Coco, l4

Harry is owned by my self and Jennifer from I Spy Frenchies

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